Atman Pandya

Me in 10 seconds

Currently running Fellowships at OSV and writing at The Knowledge Toolkit.

In the past, I’ve built Strategy at J.P. Morgan and created software for Hedge Funds & Startups. I film and edit videos, compose and write songs, and play the piano and guitar.

Mumbai native.

You can find me on Twitter / X @atmanpandya



I write new essays every couple of weeks. You can find all of them on The Knowledge Toolkit, which is focussed on mental tools, ideas and frameworks to unlock peak performance.

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Cinematography and Editing

I've been creating videos since 2016. Here are some videos from my portfolio. You can find all of my videos on my Youtube Channel.

I've also edited >60 videos for Infinite Loops. You might enjoy The Great Reshuffle Series.


I've been playing the Piano and the Guitar intermittently for more than a decade now. In 2021, I released my first single - Udte Parinde.

You might enjoy some of the instrumental covers and these fun mashups "Whatsercase" and "Boulevard of Broken Dreams in a Mad World"

Last Updated on 31st March 2024 | Delhi, India